CHASING Remote Controller 3B

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CHASING Remote Controller 3B

CHASING Remote Controller 3B is a dedicated remote controller specially designed for CHASING F1 fish-finder drones. It is used to control the direction of CHASING F1, automatic reel, pictures-taking, video recordings, as well as lighting control, and other operations. Its conveniences and precise control user experience bring you extra fishing fun.

The Remote Controller Distance is Increased to 100 Meters

Upon connecting with the remote controller, switching from the Wi-Fi mode of CHASING F1 to Wi-Fi 5G mode can increase the communication distance between CHASING F1 and the remote controller to 100 meters.


Direct Connection Mode is More Stable

CHASING Remote Controller 3B is designed to connect to a mobile phone or tablet through Wi-Fi or a data adapter cable to avoid any disconnection problems when in use.

Support HDMI 1080P HD Video Output

CHASING Remote Controller 3B comes with an HDMI port, which can synchronize captured screens of the underwater drone with TV and other large-screen devices. Its 1080P HD video outputs enabling a better viewing experience.

Ergonomic Design for Greater Comfort

The professional joystick and buttons are ergonomically designed to enhance grip comfort and control precision.

  • Size160 × 155 × 125 mm
  • Weight685 g
  • Battery2500mAh
  • Battery Life≥ 6H (the actual time is depending on the user environment)
  • Wireless2.4G+5G dual frequency
  • HDMI1080P output
  • Phone/Tablet ClampUp to 10 inches




Bouwman sets the speed at 15 m.p.h., slow enough to ensure he’s getting uniform coverage. He thinks that speed does a better job than the higher speed used by a full-size helicopter. Altitude is generally 10 to 12 feet. Although the sales information claims a 30-foot wide swath, his testing with water sensitive paper says 24 feet is more realistic. In perfect conditions he might bump that to 26 feet.

“Quality of the spray job is a bigger benefit than we expected. When we’re spraying fungicide on corn, for instance, we see droplets all the way down to the root ball.”

Bear Bouwman
Southern Minnesota

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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