About Us


Maverick Drone Systems is a leading distributor of innovative drone systems in the USA, designed to bring a broad portfolio of integrated, enterprise-class drones and services. Each of our UAS solutions offers a compelling set of discrete capabilities. When platforms are fused together, those capabilities are amplified, enabling us to create configurable solutions that not only meet the requirements of our customers, but launch business and industry transformation.

UAS fields of operation: inspection of infrastructure, law enforcement, public safety, disaster/crowd control, agriculture/ micro farming, security/surveillance, crisis management, news/media/entertainment. 


Maverick Drone technology solutions advance business opportunities by creating better ways to navigate the sky and survey land areas and things that are critical to analyze. Maverick Drone Systems is a Savage based creative studio. Our team consists of a revolutionary group of filmmakers, innovative thinkers and topgun pilots. In the field, we deploy the most elite cinematic platforms to engage extreme cinematic shots from any altitude or angle. With a proven track record of continual innovation and our wide variety of drone systems and aircraft, we provide clients with the power of realizing their artistic vision.


Maverick Drone Systems is Part 107, Part 137 and DOT Approved which means it is legal to operate commercial unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial imaging missions. Our pilots have over 20 years of RC Flight Experience and are fully insured to operate safely providing our clients with confidence, safety and transparency as our main objective.


As our clients and partners consist of local, national and federal law enforcement, our pilots engage all relevant and local authorities when necessary to provide the best outcome for the project.