Unitree Go1

Unitree Go1

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Unitree Go1 - Go Wherever You Will Go


Light And Compact: weighing in at 12kg and folds down into a space less than .60x.30x.25 meters.

High Performance: Max speed of 4.7m/s or about 10.5 Miles per Hour.

Intelligent Side-Follow System: Follows along its Human master with advanced route planning perfect for complex environments.

Super Sensory System: Full 360 coverage provided by 5 sets of Fish-eye stereo depth cameras, 3 sets of hypersonic sensors, and AI post-processing.

Built-in Powerful AI: 16 Core CPU + GPU (384 Core, 1.5 TFlops).

Strong and Reliable Power System: New Power Joint is super lightweight, low noise, and long lasting.

Customizable: Advanced versions in the Edu line allow for API integration of custom software, as well as LiDAR sensors.