UAV Repair

1. Fast to Flight

We all like to fly our UAVs and the worst thing that can happen is crashing it. Once the damage occurs, all you can think about is "How do I repair this?".

Our turn around time for diagnostics is between 24-48 hours from the time we receive your aircraft.


2. Best Price

Fixing your UAV can be expensive. Especially when you just dropped $1000+ on your Drone.

We want to make sure that all parts damaged are replaced at the best pricing so that what you pay for is the quality time spent reengineering your UAV.


3. 100% Satisfaction 

We understand that time is money and everyday you go without a drone is a day without opportunity to make an income.  

We ensure that you will have a drone that is repaired, replaced, or significantly upgraded by the time we are done with it.

Full UAV diagnostic (standard): $75

Full UAV diagnostic (priority): $150

Full diagnostic will be performed and all electronic components tested for functionality. After detailed examination assessment will be made on parts and labor to get your aircraft back in the air.

Accidental Damage Insurance

A Drone Warranty is a Necessity! - If you're using drones professionally or for fun, then you're probably aware that accidents happen. If for any reason your device sustains impact or liquid damage rest assured - you can be covered! Having a full drone warranty plan gives you total peace of mind, knowing that you're covered by the best in the business.

Variable Deductible

  • Top Rated Drone Warranty Coverage!

    • Covers Impact Damage & Malfunctions
    • Covers Drone & Remote Control
    • Covers Liquid Damage
    • 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor Protection
    • 1 claim
    • Fully Renewable, Fully Transferable
    • Covers major manufacture: DJI
    • 100% Part/Labor coverage for Drone Body
    • Contracts start on Date of Purchase of Contract - Claims cannot be made sooner than 30 days from initiation of coverage
    • Only Accidental Coverage available
    • 10% Deductible
    • Lost/Stolen products are not covered
    • Does not cover detachable/optional camera
    • Any kind of Accidental Damage is covered