• Public Safety
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Government

Save Lives with Improved Situational Awareness

Incident commanders better direct rescue operations with an aerial view, so teams can quickly and safely mitigate emergency situations.

Search & Rescue | Firefighting | Disaster Response | Law Enforcement

Conduct Safe and Efficient Inspections

Drone business platforms visualize firms’ various remote energy assets in real-time for rapid maintenance scheduling while increasing work safety and efficiency for inspectors.

Solar | Wind | Oil & Gas | Power Lines | Nuclear

Maximize Yields with Aerial Imaging

Aerial data enables farmers to optimize inputs, react quicker to threats, validate prescriptions, and rapidly scout plots.

Crop Consulting | Irrigation Management | Crop Inspection | Spraying

Improve Project Management with Regular Data

Keep track of site progress through consistent site mapping, enabling teams to manage better complex construction projects involving numerous sub-contractors.

Real Estate Marketing | Site Mapping | Building Inspection

Visualize Extensive Asset Networks

Imagine projects in a variety of formats to ensure the development is going as planned, identify areas of concern to be addressed and prevent problems before they happen.

Transportation Networks | Mining | Surveying

Serve and Protect Your Communities

Drones are being deployed across all levels of government to improve the efficiency and safety of civil servants.

Land and Conservation Management | Civil Security | Justice Management