SteadiDrone is a leading developer and manufacturer of small unmanned aerial systems and multi-rotor drones used across the globe with wide range of applications.

We specialise in producing systems that are per-assembled and ready to fly. Our unique 'Rapid Deploy' airframe design, that makes the SteadiDrone compact when folded, includes integrated fully adjustable, brushless gimbal technology, giving the pilot the ability to use a wide variety of cameras on the gimble making filming a breeze. SteadiDrone allows for an open platform and more custom add-ons to suite the operator's exact needs.

The drone industry is growing rapidly with laws being put in place to ensure good drone practice and safety. Drones are extremely useful to capture aerial footage, real estate imagery, 3D mapping and precision agriculture, journalism, industrial inspection and aerial photography. The possibilities are becoming even more infinite with future prospective uses including (and some already in use) highway monitoring, wildlife research, law enforcement by using thermal cameras for tracking criminals at night, marine studies, disaster relieve, conservation and even atmospheric research.

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